New  wedding  Package. EMAIL ME at and SAVE

                    Love is in your Heart


        Cell 313-212-5220

       I live in Mich.    I am  Licensed

                Mich , Ohio.   & All States   

    Rent a park for the Day            Wedding in  the Park               

  Email or call direct save 10% if you live in Ohio

    New-Extended Stay Hotels

        I now pronounce you Man and Wife 


                  Hi, I am Rev. Earl R Bolam serving the Metro Area.

                                    and surrounding Areas

         Love is in your Heart   Wedding  is about caring.

      I have been Married to the same woman for 46 yrs. I have 0ne son

     two Daughters five Grandchildren four step Grandchildren.  And

     a new addition.     EMAiL. Me Today                             

      Call me to book a date :Today                  Rev.Earl R Bolam  cell 313-2125220  




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